Our Service

We pride ourselves on the quality service we offer on our range of premium trailers, parts and accessories. We have one of the largest manufacturing plants, specialising in all trailer builds, repairs and servicing including custom work. Our dedicated team have loads of experience with more than 30 years in the industry. 


Repairs, Servicing and Alterations:

We have one of the largest manufacturing workshops in Central Queensland. Safety is top of mind, with all repaired trailers leaving our premises meeting Queensland Transport, ADR approval and Australian standards.

With our extensive floor stock range and dedicated fabrication team we are able to replace anything from a bearing to doing a complete rebuild on a trailer.

We also offer a large range of alterations to any trailer. If you have an alteration in mind, contact The Trailer Shop today.

Fabrication and Manufacturing:

Our large fabrication and manufacturing team specialise in all trailer builds. The team have the latest equipment to ensure all work is done to the highest standard. The team showcase a meticulous skillset at the Trailer Shop.

Custom Trailer Builds:

The Trailer Shop fabrication and manufacturing team specialise in custom trailer builds. Our friendly sales staff can sit with you and discuss any trailer custom building requirements you have. We are a true believer that one size does not fit all.

Online Store:

With a large range of floor stock at our Bundaberg site in Lester Street, we have an extensive online store. We are continuously updating our online store with trailer parts and accessories. With an extremely large inventory of parts available, not all parts are listed online. If you are after a trailer part or accessory not currently listed on our Online Store please contact our office.

Rhino Linings:

The Trailer Shop is also the home of Rhino Linings Bundaberg. Rhino Linings is a sprayed-on polyurethane lining for utes trays, trailers, boats and any other item you require. Rhino Linings provides vehicles with a thick layer of protection under the most rugged conditions. The unique flexible and textured surface reduces cargo slippage and will not crack, warp or peel even under temperature extremes.

Paint Department:

We have an on-site paint department fully fitted out with 2 paint booths. We are able to finish your trailer in many grades of paint finishes, including cold gal, Automotive Undercoat, Hammertone and 2Pac. Our dedicated team is led by our paint manager who has been working with The Trailer Shop for over 12 years. From the paint area, all trailers go to our finishing bays, where they are wired using quality Led lights and soldered joints, all the components are checked and assembled to the trailer and all documented quality controlls are finished, ready to deliver to the customer.

Sheet Metal Work:

Our manufacturing plant is fitted with the latest equipment to ensure our sheet metal work is at the highest standard. The sheet metal station is headed by Errol, who has 30 years of experience in the industry. We offer a range of sheet metal work outside of trailer builds, custom work and alterations. We have the highest quality sheet metal work equipment including a Guillotine, Panbrake, Promecam Pressbrake, Workshop Press and Mudguard Press.

On-site Manufacturing Plant:

We have an extensive on-site manufacturing plant at our Bundaberg site. We have up-to-date manufacturing equipment to construct trailers to the highest standard. With dedicated, fully equipt manufacturing bays, and quality equipment to get the job done right the first time.